Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the green grass grew all around.

About a week before we moved into our house our area in North Dakota was hit by a blizzard (refer to Shea's post here). So due to the previous weeks weather when we moved in there weren't a whole lot of things in bloom. For example, here is our house the day we moved in.

See. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Those bushes were completely leafless. 
Let us take a look at them now. 2 months later, more than a couple dozen rain storms and lots and lots of neglect.

 What in the world? The last couple of nights it has rained pretty good, so I'm sad to say that those bushes have gotten taller since I took the above picture 4 days ago. Rick-diculous. We can't even spy on our neighbors because of that window coverage. Aw rats!

While on the topic of things growing out of control let's take a peek at our jungle of tomato plants.

Just look at that mess! So, Shea did some research and devised a plan to keep them from loving each other so much and crashing to the ground (we have cages on the above picture, they just weren't cutting it for our 3 foot long armed tomato plants).

 So Shea just made these thing-a-ma-jigs and then we tied the plants up. Badda bing, badda boom! Like that hot pink string? That was my addition.

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