Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Projects

Owning a house equals projects and since we moved into an older home (like all the homes in this area) we don't have a shower upstairs. Just a tub. Honestly, who takes a bath? Old people apparently. So last week we took a trip 2.5 hours south to Bismarck, ND to get some supplies. The trip must have worn Loreli out because she slept for a good portion of our supply gettings.

I just love that sleeping position.

Since Shea was busy working on this in the bathroom...

Loreli got to take baths in the kitchen sink! Maybe they should be called sinks? Hmmm.

She loved the sprayer. Once I rinsed her off with the sprayer instead of a good old fashioned cup and she was very intrigued. Fancy.

Loreli has been fascinated with laundry baskets lately. So yesterday when Shea was electrocuting himself and sweating his brains out in the attic, Loreli was playing in the hamper and I was lazily watching her.

 Thanks Shea for all of the hard work you've done the last couple of days! I truly was no help, but am very appreciative of your hard work and am excited to use our new shower soon! 

More pictures to come of the finished bathroom.

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