Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mid-Summer Already?

And then July was half over.  Boy howdy!  While nothing super exciting has gone on around here, life as usual is fun enough I suppose.  Lets see...
There was ....

washing the truck in the rain, pouring rain.  This may seem very ineffective to all you city folk but it was absolutely filthy (that's what comes from parking under a tree) and so this really was just more of a rinse than a wash.

Loreli getting her first taste of a freezer pop.  It went down just like everything else.  She is an eater that's for sure.

Playing in the sink. 

And lots of fun at the park.  She isn't old enough to make requests yet, but when she is I'm sure the park will be a request multiple times a day.  But that I guess that is better than requesting to watch multiple movies a day like I would.  Only 8 months old and already out showing her old man. What a gal.

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