Friday, July 1, 2011

Star Valley Fun and Flowers

Last week we went on a little trip to Star Valley! We ate lots of yummy food, laughed and laughed, had our blood sucked by skeeters, got Loreli shot in the leg, opened some presents, shot some dirt, and got the MaceyJo 5000 disease. We really had a wonderful time!

She fell asleep while eating her dinner. It was a hilarious sight!

She was having a nice time even though her face doesn't say it.

It was pretty warm while we were there so the little girls splashed around in a kiddie pool. Loreli loved it! She got to be outside, in some water while playing with her ducks. Does it get much better than that?

I love this picture. Ella had Loreli cracking up! Cute cousins.
Cute Riv and the soggiest diaper ever!
We also celebrated Christmas in June which is a tradition of ours since we've been married. Pretty much it's an excuse to listen to Christmas music and purchase a present for yourself or someone else half way to Christmas. Love it! 

And we watched some guys almost die unloading this darling playhouse. 

Oh and on a separate note, our roses have bloomed! We weeded our garden on Wednesday and there were only a few blossoms and today there are at least a dozen on each bush! 

Oh and while I was out watering the tomatoes tonight I noticed that on the side of the house there were these beauties! Yes, the side of the house needs to be weeded, but what the heck are these? The color is awesome and I love them! Oh the things you find in (and out) of an old house.

Have a swell weekend y'all!


Mysha said...

Low-lie has some pretty white trash cousins! Who lets their kids swim naked?

PatShala said...

I love your family picture at the top of the blog - sooooo cute! Little Loreli is a doll, I wish I could snuggle that cutie!