Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!! Since today is the day we celebrate our independence we decided to teach Loreli what it means to be and how to be independent. So she went all day with out any clothes on, a very soggy diaper and ate nothing but ice cream. What can I say? She's her daddy's girl! No really, she did wear clothes and did have her diaper changed at least once. Maybe twice.

Wait, hold the phone.
It's for you!
Yummm...grass. She's very fascinated by it.
Motor mouth.

We hope everyone did the American thing today and had at least one bratwurst, hamburger, steak and some grilled chicken. Oh, and don't forget the potato salad, watermelon and pie! Happy 4th friends!

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Kristen Ellen said...

I love the many faces of Loreli and her cute 4th of July outfit!