Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Report

Remember back in elementary school when a book report meant just telling the class the plot and then if you liked it or not?  Then high school came along and we had to discuss meanings and themes and write essays with thesis statements, ridiculous.  Well I have decided to go a little infantile.  I just finished Stephenie Meyer's book "The Host" and being bored at work, I figured I'd let you all know what I thought.  
First off I want to clarify for all of you that think I'm semi illiterate that I am not writing because this is the first book I have read in years and am excited for just finishing a book.  I have actually read a few books this summer.  Anyway, the last two books I have started to read I didn't get far because of language.  I'm surprised at how many books have foul language.  It's very unfortunate.  So I figured that since Mrs. Meyer is LDS that wouldn't be an issue, and it wasn't.  It was actually funny to read the expletives that the characters use because they are defiantly Mormon expletives. 
I like books that are entertaining and that make you think a bit afterwards.  This fit the bill.  I wouldn't call this a difficult read at all.  I would put it on par with the "Hunger Games" as far as reading level.  The book dances around the issue of what it means to be human and made some good points about said issue.  It also made me think of what I could contribute or how prepared I would be for a end of the world scenario. 
If you are looking for an easy, entertaining read I would recommend this book highly (and I am aware that she also wrote the Twilight series.  I have not read nor will I read that and just because I read this it does not make me any less of a man).   


Mysha said...

But will I end up hating the main character as much as I hated Katniss from hunger games?

Shea and Katy said...

No, this one is a real protagonist.