Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tomatoes anyone?

We had rather good luck with the salsa we made from our garden tomatoes but really didn't need or want to make more.  But the tomatoes keep on comin'.  So we thought that with this next load we would just make diced tomatoes.  We use them for chili, and taco soup, and chili.  With the salsa you use just as many peppers and onions as you do tomatoes so your amount doubles.  This time we were just using tomatoes so I though that we had a bit over twice as many tomatoes as we did the last time we made salsa and that yielded about 9 pints so I thought that we would get 10, maybe 12 pints at the very most.
24 pints later! So I guess we'll be having chili every week this winter. Yum.


Mysha said...

Too bad you guys can't grow something good like... sugar, or candy

Mysha said...

My verification word was "boxaches" which also sounds more delicious than tomatoes. But, I want you also to know that I am really impressed at the growing and canning, just not the ingredient.
You guys are fabulous. Tomatoes are not.

Mysha said...

Oh my goodness, I was just looking at the picture of all the canned diced tomatoes again and it just looks like organ meat!!! just bottled up there on your counter.

PatShala said...

I am really jealous. We usually have way too many tomatoes each summer, but not this one. We were only getting one or two a week...:( Enjoy your 100 cans of chili and all the salsa for us!