Saturday, August 13, 2011

9 Months!

 Loreli is 9 months old and we can hardly believe how fast the time has passed!
Here are some new things and not so new things that our little lady loves and dislikes now-a-days.

Drinking water from a big glass
Cell phones
Bath time
Being outdoors
Going on walks 
  Climbing on EVERYTHING!


Destroying her room

 Foods she can feed herself

    clothes: the other morning while attempting to feed Loreli her breakfast she protested to wearing clothes and won. She ripped her bib off repeatedly and tugged at her pajamas while screaming very, very loudly. So now she eats breakfast and dinner naked. Hopefully we'll stop this before she gets too old. Yikes.

    green beans
    being spoon fed
    the vacuum

    Back to the first love I mentioned. Loreli love, love, loves kids! Shea took Loreli on a walk last week while I got some things done at home and on their walk they passed a daycare. The kids were outside playing and when Loreli saw them she got so excited! Shea pushed the stroller closer to the area the kids were playing and she attempted an escape. A few girls talked to her and she got even more excited. Mean ole Shea had to pry her away from the kids making Loreli melancholy.
     Then just yesterday we attended Watford City's Annual Ribfest and Loreli participated in a diaper derby for crawlers. They placed big mats out and put the kids down and raced them. It was pretty funny! Loreli was matched up with a boy about her age and since she's only 9 months old and doesn't understand the concept of competition she just sat there and stared at the kids that lined the mat cheering for her while the little boy smoked her. Oh well, at least she got a free onesie! [pictured above]

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      Mysha said...

      we watch the cat video from below at least 5 times a day. Riv walks to the computer points and says "ka ka ka ka ka ka ka!" She laughs through the whole thing, which now that I'm writing this, she is laughing at violence towards animals, um, maybe we will find more wholesome entertainment for the day.