Friday, August 19, 2011

Splish Splash

Here's a short video we took the other day of Loreli playing in her little pool. 


The summer here in ND is almost over and it's sad. Bye-bye summer and hello fall!


Kristen Ellen said...

So cute and so obedient! You told her to clap and she clapped! I love her kicky Katy legs!

PatShala said...

Ok, when did Loreli learn to clap? McKay has not figured that one out yet. She is soooooo cute! What a fun pool - just her size.

Shea and Katy said...

I think Loreli only claps because she sees me do it all the time when I cheer for her. She has also learned to hold things as far away from me as possible when I'm trying to grab things from her hands...that she learned from me too.

Mysha said...

Her clapping/ kicking skill sure make up for her hair growing skills. Come on Low-lie! Your dad is half wooly mamoth (the wooly half).