Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Because We Can" shoot guns

It was mostly planned on a whim, but early this summer while surfing the web I looked to see what cities Bon Jovi's tour was going to hit.  I was hoping that SLC or Denver would be visited, but alas it was not meant to be.  However he was going to stop in Las Vegas, on a Saturday night... and the  mental vacation gears started whirling.  Katy and I have never ditched the kids to go play by ourselves for more than a few hours.  Don't worry they have always been supervised during these interludes, or at least asleep.  But I thought, "Hey, we could go to a Friday-Saturday Front Sight course, and then the concert Saturday night".  And boy was it awesome.  
The kids were promptly ditched in star valley and we were on our way.  The first night we walked about the strip and decided that we don't ever need to do that again in our lives.I have done it numerous times but it was Katy's first time. If you have never been, it is something else. If you have been, eh.  
Next morning we got ta shootin. 
 Love a woman with a gun, mmm!
Katy was nervous at first but really learned a lot and enjoyed it all
That little person next to Katy is actually an 11 year old that came with his dad and absolutely loved it!

She picked it up real well and is a bonified shooter, so watch out.  She gets kinda' nuts when she's pregnant (which is not an announcement (or is it?)) 

and then the something-ta-something (you know the thing that is french and is like the fancy main course or main event or something I think but spell checker has no idea what you are trying to say and you have no idea how to spell it cause its french and you don't know french) 
One heck of a concert- 
No we did not have good enough seats to take this picture, I stole it, but he was wearing that jacket so....


Carl and Tracey said...

Awesome! So glad you guys got to go on a no-kid vacation. You feel a little guilt initially when you ditch them the first time, but then you're on vacation and you think "why did we wait so long?!" And regarding pregnancy, please please please let it be true because another Roberson baby would be fantastic! Plus, I can vicariously live through Katy and not have another baby yet because this lady is baby hungry haha! Miss you guys. Road trip to the middle and go camping a few days?! HA! Just go to CA in December. We'll be there ;)

Ember said...

Haha! Ok, so I totally SWEAR that I didn't read your post first and then very unorginally copy your lines and subject matters in a post of my own today! I cross my heart and hope to die!

Great minds think alike, I guess!

And congratulations!!! How far along are you, Katy? I am sorta jealous!!! We decided that we were not done but it's been fruitless so far. :) So yay for your super fertility-ness!!! I'm happy for you!!! And a few more !!!!!!!! just for good measure!

(This is Audra btw -- I am signed into my alter ego today.)