Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's move on

Mostly the events around here consist of trying to engage and entertain children while keeping the intake of Angelina Ballerina, Sponge Bob and Veggie Tales to a minimum.  That and then lots of work around the house. Oh, and then there is Loreli's horse to take care of.   
 Okay, let's be completely clear about this, WE DO NOT OWN A HORSE (or do we, hehehe).  This is the neighbor's horse that Loreli has claimed as her own.  For me this is win-win; we don't have to buy, feed, take care of, groom, shod, ride or in any way be responsible for this horse, but my little girl "has" a horse.  We just have to look at it occasionally. 
 She spent quite a while one day picking wild grass to feed.  How this really worked is while I was out cleaning up the property (can't say yard yet) she would run to me and say "I need more grass please", I would stop what I was doing and yank up a handful of grass and she would transfer it to the horse.

 For the most part they are pretty easily entertained.  Boxes, when do they loose their magic on a child? I don't get so excited about boxes anymore, but I wish I did.  Wouldn't life be so much easier?

 Then we had our first living room camp-out.   

 She was actually enjoying the smores, I wasn't cruelly cramming them down her throat whilst I chuckled maniacally. 

good times

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PatShala said...

How fun! SMORES are the BEST! Loreli is absolutely beautiful! And when did Jack get so much hair? Cute kids!