Saturday, October 5, 2013

Snow in September

Yeah, I know it's October now and that we currently have snow now too. But a week ago and just yesterday we got nailed with snow and Star Valley didn't!  Creepy for sure. Since it was September and I was unprepared the kids weren't outfitted for snow. No snow bibs or boots. They were in much better shape than Loreli was Thanksgiving 2011 when we refashioned gloves into boots. Oh what terrible, terrible parents.

Christmas tree pickin' November 2011

The kids loved the snow/slush/mud

I love that Loreli's pants are falling down here.


Macey said...

That picture of Loreli with gloves for boots really made me laugh. And in public too. That's always an embarrassing thing for me.

Carl and Tracey said...

I love all of your updates, Katy (and Shea!). I read every single one like a faithful stalker :) I wish we lived closer!!!! Your kiddos are so dang cute and Loreli and Ez would have the best adventures!

Carl and Tracey said...

oh and those chicken claws, I mean, gloves- SO funny!