Monday, May 2, 2011

Creative Bridger

Bridger created a game for us to play last night that fulfilled a Faith in God requirement. The game was supposed to teach us a gospel principle, but it really taught us that playing games with family always involves some good laughs. He created a game board and in the center of the board was a picture of the temple. The goal was to make it to the temple, but along the way there were ways to earn ('read scriptures', 'get baptized', 'go on a mission') and lose points ('bite your sister', 'wake a baby', 'punch your brother'). There were also dare cards. If you landed on a color square you picked up the corresponding dare card and picked one of the three dares to do. These were the hilarious part! Here are some pictures of the dares.

"Dance like a chicken with a bowl on your head" I don't look ridiculous at all.
"Lay on the ground and wiggle your arms and legs in the air"
"Tape lettuce on your four head"  Bridger only had one head though.

"Put one of your hands in your mouth"

Why do I look the most psycho out of all 3 of us?
 Some of the other dares that were done that are not pictured include:

"Eat 3 avacato peces"
"say stinky 100 times"
"stare for one whole minute"

Some dares that no one did, but were hilarious:

"eat two tomato slices"
"drink 12 glasses of water"
"eat 2 plain peces of bread"
"watch 2 scary movies"

Oh Bridge, you're hilarious! This game was fun and full of lots of giggles. Thanks!


Shea and Katy said...
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Shea and Katy said...

thanks Katy. And it WAS pretty funny.
love, Bridger

Kristen Ellen said...

Ohmygoodness this is hilarious! He better put a copyright or patten or whatever you do, to make sure no one steals this idea.

Macey said...

OH MY Heck!!! That picture of dad on his back like a stuck turtle made my study session in the library even better than it already was!