Friday, May 13, 2011

What a week!

This past Monday (the 9th I believe) we were finally able to close on our house.  This was great because Katy, Loreli, Jack and G were able to make it up from Montana.  They had been in Billings, MT the last week and then stayed Sunday night it Glendive, MT because that was the closest hotel that had vacancies (which is 2 hours away).  

While the trip may have been trying for some, Loreli was never at a loss for attention. She is just full of smiles these days.

 She has also developed the habit/skill of sucking on her own lips which gives her an old man/bitter beer face; quite comical.

You would think that this is a picture of a very unhappy or just ugly baby; but no.  She is neither ugly or unhappy, just entertaining herself.

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