Friday, May 13, 2011

New House

Purchasing a home was never the original intention for our family at this point.  However there were no other options.  Seriously, the housing market in this part of the country is insane and impossible. The whole process of buying a house is horrid.  For all of those of you who are yet to brave this terrible experience a few tips:
*Start early- once you find the house you want it will still take 5 to 300 weeks for all the paper work to get done by the bank, title company, realtor, sellers and NASA for some reason. 
*Have enough of a down payment for 20 percent, otherwise you have to pay for some extra insurance. Stupid
* When the end is in sight and you are walking into the title company's office to sign all the closing document, you still have a long way to go.  The stack of papers you have to sign and initial is incredible.  I was curious how many times I had to sign and initial afterward so I went through and counted: 18 thousand.  No joking I used up 6 pens and had to spend that night in the hospital because my hand just fell off after we were done.
  But the fam is up here and that is what counts, and now we have a house. 

 And our first visitor.  Big thanks to Jack and G for making the trip up here and the trip to Utah to get our trailer and for the past 5 months.  You guys rock!

Since this is our first house we don't have a lot of stuff, or we didn't.  We inherited a lot of furniture from the last owners.  I don't know how much of it we will keep long term but it sure is nice to move into a furnished home. But the unpacking sure does stink.  We aren't in a huge hurry, a little here a little there with plenty of movie breaks in between and  it'll get done eventually.  But unpacking after having all of your stuff packed up for so long is just like Christmas.
Basketball shorts.  Yea!
And old man Loreli was sweet enough to just hang out while we were unpacking. What a gem. 


Kristen Ellen said...

Yay for your new house!

Mysha said...

I will get you a house warming hook for your hand then, instead of a rockin door mat