Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Happenings of Loreli

Not a whole lot has been happening since we've moved into our new home. We've been pretty busy organizing and playing with Loreli. Here are some random pictures of Lorelis happenings.

Loreli has discovered her love for grass.

Loreli loves sitting on Shea's lap while he's at the computer because he lets her play in the drawer with all sorts of fun stuff. Impossible to keep organized.

Loreli has also found a new love: the empty paper towel roll. 
As you can see lots of chewing and slobbering have been going on.


 Smushings and neck nibblings.

When Shea's around, Loreli gets to do whatever she wants. Even eat candy. 
I love that her hand is reaching for more. Hilarious.

We bought Loreli a booster seat to eat in. She loves it! I know it's long over due, but now that we're in a house we have space to store stuff like this. I can already tell that our next move will require more than one of the trailers we have. Yikes!

What the? Doesn't it look like she's singing into a microphone and reaching out for someone? Crazy Loreli.

With the new seat she has become a pro at throwing things on the floor. It's tough work. Just check out all of the sweat on her shirt. Just kidding. That's drool. I have to do all of the work now picking up her toys strewn across the floor.

We hope everyone is doing swell and hope that those in Tennessee are ready for us, because we're comin' for y'all!

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Kristen Ellen said...

Awww I can't wait to squeeze her! She looks so long! I think the 6 month dress I bought her is going to work better as a shirt than a dress.