Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're in Tennessee!!

Yayyy for being in Tennessee! Loreli and I arrived Tuesday afternoon after spending most of the morning and afternoon on a plane or in an airport. Loreli did awesome! She wasn't bothered by take offs or landings and she even made friends with our neighbors! She's so fabulous. We haven't done much yet since we've only been here a day so we don't have a whole lot of pictures. Here are a few from the last day or so.

Trying on her new sandals while mom packs.

Rolling around on the ground at the Denver airport.

Trying on a vintage Dunaway girl sun bonnet. It's a tad small.
Having so much fun with the rubber ducks! And isn't her hand placed so perfect? Modest gal.
My mom is awesome. She went out and bought a lot of things for Loreli to play with! We could have gotten by without some of the things, but Loreli loves all of the toys she bought. Thanks! I am certain that having all of these baby things around will make our trip much more comfortable and at least keep Loreli entertained!

We miss you Shea! Hurry up and get your buns here!

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