Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Hanging Around

Since we've been in Tennessee Loreli and I have been a little sick. We each have colds and are suffering from very attractive, deep voices. Even though she hasn't been feeling too great she's been really playful and fun.

Check out that shiny, slobbery neck!

Just kickin' back.
Loreli's new favorite chew toy. Yes, chew toy. She's like a dog.
Snuggling with Aunite Kristen

We did some couponing! Loreli loves it...well, mainly because she got to be pushed around in a stroller all day. So fun! I miss couponing and it'll be nice to be able to do some while we are here.

Rolling around on the deck. She loved it!

Well that's all really. We're just chillin' now because when Stacy gets here on Wednesday it'll be a non-stop party! Yaaayyy!

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