Monday, April 4, 2011

Party for 50

Jack is turning 50 this year here in a couple weeks and since I was going to be around this last weekend we decided to party now instead of later when no one would be around.  Everyone was there.

 Our first activity was another taste test.  Jack is a big fan of "real" juices.  So we bought some different flavors and brands of super juice.  Some of these things were just terrible, but some of them were quite good.  Yeah, I would go with the general advice to avoid green juice at all costs.

Then we played "pin the contact on the eyeball".  Mysha won with the most obvious and disgusting bit of cheating I have ever seen. Then we did presents.
 Among other things he got a crane weather vane for his barn. It's Shinny!

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Mysha said...

I didn't cheat!!! You know I would admit it if I did. I just have some mad skills! Who wan't to be on my team if we ever are lost and blindfolded?! You all do, but I won't take any of you since you've dishonored me!