Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Debut

Since Shea is away I, Katy am making my debut on the blog to announce that our little lady is 5 months old! It seems just like yesterday that she was born, so teeny and fragile; now she's just how Moto Moto likes them "big and chunky." That's our girl!

 Here she is trying to help me with the camera/grab the safety strap. So helpful.

Grandma got her excited and giggling!

For all of you denying that Loreli looks like her dad here's the proof that she looks like Shea. I'm pretty sure in his baby book that he has a picture making the same face...the look of sheer disgust.

 Here are a few with me! I think this totals to 6 pictures that Loreli and I have together. Sad.

Don't you just love those chunky thighs?! I sure do. So nibble worthy, just like her cheeks!

She may be getting bigger, but picture taking sure is tough so she needed a little break.

Some things that Loreli has been doing lately include attempting to roll over (she's done it, but seems disinterested for now), lots of talking, eating yummy solids, standing with help, tri-poding (she's so close to sitting!), smiling, laughing (she laughed for the first time on my birthday!), and sticking every little thing in her mouth. 

We love our little chunkster! She's so much fun!

Oh, and we love you too Shea and hope that you don't get swept into the newly developed ocean in North Dakota!


KED said...

Good job Katy!

Candace said...

Loreli is SOOO cute!! Hope you guys are doing great!