Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buttermilk Ranch Love

Sometimes during meals Loreli wants to be in my lap at the table watching everyone eat. As she's gotten older she's also gotten more grabby. I have to watch her and make sure she doesn't grab my plate and fling it off the table (it hasn't happened yet, so I'm not speaking from experience here). In the last week when I have reached for the bottle of Great Value buttermilk ranch dressing Loreli has attempted to grab the bottle from my hands. After I am done with it I screw the lid on tight and let her hold on to it a bit. Here's the evidence.

What is up with children and their obsession with condiments? My niece Ella loves a bottle of honey that she calls her "honey bear", but come on Loreli! At least like something that resembles an animal! I guess we don't get to choose who or what our children love.


Stacy said...

Her Uncle Stephen would really appreciate this since I buy ranch for him by the gallon. I hope she does not take on his ranch obsession. It is costly.

Kristen Ellen said...

Hah I was going to say the same thing! Uncle Stephen would be so proud!