Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Great Skit of 2011

Before everyone showed up to party on Easter weekend Bridger and Trinity wrote a play that was soon turned into a skit because of some scripting problems (basically there weren't enough lines for it to be considered a play). They did a fabulous job at letting the public know about it by making a few fliers and posting them. Here is one of the fliers.

As you can see the name of the skit is "Chickie Chicks" which I find interesting because there was only one chick. Oh well. They also posted an auditions sheet which was posted outside their bedroom door. I like that it says "come tell us why you should be in the play".

A few hours after the sheet was posted I saw that Trinity had gotten the part as Easter Bunny. I asked her why she should be the Easter bunny and she said "because I can hop really good!" She then proceeded to show me and man she wasn't kiddin'. That girl should go out for the long jump.

I don't really know exactly what the skit was about, but I can tell you that it involved Chickie Chick (Bridger) finding eggs, everyone eating off empty paper plates, and the Easter Bunny (Trinity) hiding eggs in Japan. MaceyJo (Mother Hen) was sweet to participate, but she really just laughed the whole time. Oh Macey, you're so funny.

I hope that Bridger sees his first skit as a complete success and that we will see more skits from him! Way to go Bridge!!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Those kids take their auditions seriously. I like that!

Macey said...

My favorite part was when Trinity just stood there staring at her plate and Dad said, "oh look, she's not eating, just like in real life."