Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break!

Party in the snow!  For the first few days of the kid's spring break Katy and the fam met up with Mysha and her's at Bear Lake.  As you can see the weather really isn't ideal for actually going out to the lake but when your hotel has a rockin' pool, what else do you need?

 I was not around again, but I hear it was a swell time enjoyed by all.
 Loreli's first time in a pool.  We don't get a great glimpse into her thoughts through this picture but she later told me that she really likes going swimming.  That's good because Watford City (the place we just bought a house. Oh yeah, we bought a house!) has a pool and water slide.
MaceyJo too braved the elements and ditched class to come party down.

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