Monday, April 18, 2011


Yes, I know how to spell my daughters name. It just seems that even though we named her Loreli, calling her Loeli like Ella does seems much easier at times. So that is what most of us call her now-a-days. 

Loreli is so full of smiles! She gives them away to everyone but Jack for some reason. Bridger has been very good at getting her to smile and giggle when he plays with her. Here is a smile uncle Bridge got out of Loreli one night when I was feeding her.

Here's uncle Bridge trying to work his smiley magic! He's so great with her and such a great help to me!
The other day when checking out my sisters blog,, she mentioned a Dunaway childhood classic; the ice cream cone cupcake! I showed the post to the fam and Trinity and I decided that we would party and make some of these. They were so fun to decorate and yummy to eat!

Don't you just love the frosting colors? So much fun!!
Can you find the one with the drunken face?

We had some left over cake batter and made a small cake and decorated that too! Trinity did an awesome job!

Okay, so this isn't the best picture, but it was a hilarious sight. Loreli was using her cheek as an arm rest. I couldn't get a second shot because after the first pictures flash went off she twitched and moved. Oh well.

This is Loreli before church yesterday. And yes this is the same dress she wore to Kade and Jennacy's wedding and yes it is getting a tad small. She just looks so fancy to be taking a nap...I guess that's just how she rolls.


Candace said...

She has a sweet little smile! Those cupcake in an ice cream cone is genius!! I need to try those!

Mysha said...

Katy you are doing a fine job blogging and should have started sooner! Loeli and I have so much in common, I also use Jason's cheek as an arm rest

Kristen Ellen said...

Awww she is so cute! She is wearing the bib I bought her too! I love your icing colors, they look fabulous!