Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Miss You Shea!!

Many of you may not know that Shea has been working and living in North Dakota for almost 2 months now while Loreli and I have been in Wyoming. He has ventured back our way a few times, but being away for a couple of weeks is tough. The last time he was around was the first weekend in April and with all of his crazy shift changes as of late the next time we'll see him will be the second weekend in May. Sad. We miss you Shea! So per his request here are some more pictures of little Loreli.

Don't you just love those dark eyes?

I think she's hiding a smile behind that hand.

Cheek nibbles! 

Playing with uncle Bridger. Get him Loreli, get him!
She's been really into grabbing neck meat now-a-days. Ouch!

This is a very poor picture of her tripoding. She was being a bit of a grouch and didn't feel like holding her body up which made taking a picture super tricky.

We can't wait to move to North Dakota so we can be with you Shea!
We love you!!


Kristen Ellen said...

She is sooooooooooo cute!

Rachel said...

Katy, I LOVE looking at your blog! & I love your little adorable babe!